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Pinot Noir, 'Reserve Personnelle'

Location: Alsace, France (Appellation Alsace Controlée)

The Trimbach winery is located in the town of Ribeauville. Trimbach owns 70 acres in Biveauville, Hunawihr, and Bergheim. Total production is about 80,000 cases.

Grape Variety: 100% Pinot Noir

History: The Trimbach family has been making wines in the French province of Alsace since 1626-- a remarkable succession from father to son based on an unchanging devotion to the wines of their beautiful corner of France. Run by the 12th generation of the Trimbach family, Pierre makes the wine and his younger brother Jean sells it. Pierre Trimbach's wine making is impeccable and results in firm, masculine, bone dry and richly fruity wines of enormous breeding -- for some a yardstick by which to judge all others in the region. The top selling brand of Alsace wine in the United States.

Vinification and aging: Fermented in stainless steel vats with no oak aging. Bottling is early to preserve freshness.

Style: This classic wine is dry yet succulent, and attains complexity with age.