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Chateau Angelus
Appellation Saint Emilion Contrôlée

Location: Chateau Angelus is located to the west of the town of Saint Emilion, near the base of the famous vineyard slope.

Size: 150 acres producing 12,000 cases
Classification: Saint Emilion Premier Grand Cru Classe

Vineyard: 48% Cabernet Franc, 40% Merlot. Average age of vines is 25 years.

Vinification: Modern vinification and maturation in new oak casks.

History:  This chateau was known as L'Angelus until the early 1990's when the owner decided to rename it simply, 'Angelus'.  The reason was that in the computer age it was appearing on price lists under the L's rather than near the beginning of the lists (in the A's) as it had historically been placed. Among the largest of the Grand Crus of Saint Emilion, L'Angelus was for many years rather underrated. However, since Hubert de Bouard took control in the early 1980's, everything about the estate has improved -- most importantly, the wine. Today L'Angelus has a justifiably fine reputation.

Style: A generous style wine with round mellow flavors and soft bouquet. Much prized as a warm elegant Saint Emilion.

Food: Perfect with lamb or veal.

This is vintage information from the Ch. Angelus web site.

1988  Rich hued wines, blending pedigree and finesse with a magnificently tight tannic structure. Yet another exceptional year.
Ready for drinking: 1998
Will keep until: 2020

1989  A highly precocious year, with exceptionally ripe rich grapes. This Mediterranean vintage has extraordinary breadth and will keep for a very long time indeed.
Ready for drinking: 1998
Will keep until: 2020

1990  Perfect ripeness of the grapes has blessed these opulent and exuberant wines with great tannic and aromatic richness. These wines will keep a very long time indeed.
Ready for drinking: 1998
Will keep until: 2025

1991  The sharp April frost resulted in a late and very small harvest. These wines are an attractive hue, with a good tannic structure and bags of elegance.
Will keep until: 2005

1992  A highly successful vintage after the unpromising summer of 92. An inky colour, very smooth on the palate with elegant and delicate tannins.
Ready for drinking: 1997
Will keep until: 2010

1993  With a higher than usual percentage of Merlot, these intense and deeply coloured wines are silky and very lush.
Ready for drinking: 1998/1999
Will keep until: 2012/2015

1994  A real classic year for the typical major Saint Emilions, with hints of the 88 vintage.
Ready for drinking: 2000
Will keep until: 2020/2025

1995  This vintage is characterized by the excellent ripeness of its Merlot grapes. These wines are smooth, voluptuous, bursting with elegance and complexity.
Ready for drinking: 2002
Will keep until: 2025

1996  Marked by Cabernet Franc grapes of wholly exceptional density and fruitiness, this year is expected to achieve the complexity of the great vintages.

Château Angélus wines go particularly well with red meats, either grilled or served with sauce, as well as with selected fish dishes served in a sauce with wine and of course cheeses, the exception of dense fleshed cheeses.

Contact Info:
Tél. (+33) 05 57 24 71 39 - Fax. (+33) 05 57 24 68 56