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is the personal and private effort of Dan Miller. I spent just under 30 years in the fine wine business in the United States of America. Most of my time in the wine industry was with the fine wine division of Seagram dealing with many of the best wines of France, California and several of the other top wine producing regions of the world. I have been fortunate enough to visit the regions, walk the vineyards and cellars, and taste wines from the finest wineries. 

Cellarnotes.net is my attempt to pass along some of the knowledge that has come my way. Some of the content on this web site is here to help the person who is new to wine find their way more easily. Some of the content is for the avid collector or wine professional to make their search for information a bit easier (especially regarding Bordeaux).

 I hope you enjoy Cellarnotes.net and find it beneficial. Please respect the copyright of the content. You must contact me for specific permission in order to use any of the content in any media or for any purpose.

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