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Chateau d'Issan


Location: Chateau d'Issan is located in the commune of Margaux in the Medoc part of Bordeaux.


Classification: Third Growth in the 1855 Classification of the Medoc.


Vineyards: 52 hectares of vines on a gravelly soil planted to vines. 30 hectares grow grapes for Chateau d'Issan and Blason d'Issan, 11 hectares produce grapes for Chateau de Candale and another 11 hectares are farmed for Moulin d'Issan. The vineyards are planted to 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Merlot. The average age of the vines is 35 years. The vines are planted at an average density of 8,500 vines per hectare.


Production and Vinification: Produces 10,000 cases per year of the Chateau d'Issan and just over 5,000 cases of Blason d'Issan, the second label of the estate. The property also produces just under 6,000 cases each year of two lesser wines. One is an Haut Medoc called Chateau de Candale and the other is a Bordeaux Superior called Moulin d'Issan. All the wines are aged in wood for 16 to 18 months. The amount of new barrels used each year depends on the wine that is being produced. The first wine, Chateau d'Issan receives 50% new barrels each year while Blason receives 35% new barrels annually. The lesser wines each have 30% new barrels cycled each year.


History: Chateau d'Issan is one of the oldest properties in the Medoc. In the late 1400's the property was called Teobon. It had a succession of famous owners until the 17th century when it became the possession of d'Essenault. He was a knight and a member of the parliament of Bordeaux. d'Essenault had a new castle constructed and improved the property until the French Revolution. At the time of the revolution, the estate was confiscated and put under the the administration of Gustave Roy. The property continued to be improved through the period of the classification of 1855. At that time it was given the rank of 3rd growth. Monsieur Roy's heirs continued to maintain and improve the property until they sold it just prior to World War I in 1914. The estate suffered from neglect until 1945 when it was purchased by Monsieur and Madame Emmanuel Cruse. The property was in extremely poor condition in the vineyards and the buildings. There has been steady investment for 50 years and there is still work to be done to bring Chateau d'Issan to first rate conditon. One improvement of particular note was the renovation of the aging cellars. This took place over a period from 1975 through 1988