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Special Thanks to THE CHICAGO WINE COMPANY (www.tcwc.com) for this information.
___________________________ Vintage 1961 _____________________________
1999.06Chateau GLORIA (1-MS &SLT LAB COND. 1-LS; SLT LAB COND.)1961$50BT
___________________________ Vintage 1966 _____________________________
2001.03Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien (1-HS; slight label conditions.)1966$53BT
2001.04Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien (1-HS; slight label conditions.)1966$57BT
___________________________ Vintage 1970 _____________________________
1998.11Chateau GLORIA (HS; damp-stained labels; slt cor caps.)1970$27BT
___________________________ Vintage 1975 _____________________________
1996.01Chateau GLORIA1975$18BT
1996.01Chateau GLORIA1975$23BT
1996.01Chateau GLORIA1975$23BT
1996.03Chateau GLORIA1975$23BT
1996.03Chateau GLORIA1975$23BT
1996.03Chateau GLORIA1975$22BT
1996.03Chateau GLORIA (Glue-stained labels.)1975$30BT
2001.06Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien (VSLC; corroded capsules.)1975$32BT
___________________________ Vintage 1978 _____________________________
1998.11Chateau GLORIA1978$20BT
1998.11Chateau GLORIA1978$20BT
___________________________ Vintage 1981 _____________________________
1998.11Chateau GLORIA1981$18BT
1998.12Chateau GLORIA1981$18BT
___________________________ Vintage 1982 _____________________________
1997.01Chateau GLORIA1982$38BT
1997.03Chateau GLORIA1982$30BT
1997.04Chateau GLORIA1982$31BT
1997.04Chateau GLORIA1982$40BT
1997.05Chateau GLORIA1982$38BT
1998.02Chateau GLORIA1982$53BT
1998.03Chateau GLORIA (Slightly bin-soiled label.)1982$70BT
1998.08Chateau GLORIA (One bottle has a slightly nicked label.)1982$47BT
1998.08Chateau GLORIA1982$43BT
1998.10Chateau GLORIA (Three bottles have slight label conditions.)1982$38BT
1998.10Chateau GLORIA1982$38BT
1998.10Chateau GLORIA1982$37BT
1998.10Chateau GLORIA1982$45BT
1998.10Chateau GLORIA1982$37BT
1998.10Chateau GLORIA1982$40BT
1998.11Chateau GLORIA (1-Slt lb cond) (SRN: 3 SLT LB COND)1982$36BT
1998.12Chateau GLORIA (Slight label conditions.)1982$43BT
1998.12Chateau GLORIA1982$50BT
1999.02Chateau GLORIA (Slightly damp-stained label.)1982$70BT
1999.03Chateau GLORIA (Slightly damp-stained label.)1982$70BT
1999.04Chateau GLORIA (Slightly damp-stained label.)1982$70BT
1999.05Chateau GLORIA (Slightly damp-stained label.)1982$70BT
1999.06Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1982$55BT
1999.07Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien (Slightly bin-soiled label.)1982$60BT
1999.08Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien (Slightly bin-soiled label.)1982$70BT
2000.05Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1982$70BT
2000.05Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1982$67BT
2000.06Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1982$66BT
2000.06Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1982$75BT
2000.07Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1982$65BT
2000.07Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1982$65BT
2000.08Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1982$70BT
2000.08Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1982$80BT
2002.07Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1982$50BT
___________________________ Vintage 1983 _____________________________
1997.11Chateau GLORIA1983$26BT
1998.03Chateau GLORIA1983$26BT
1998.08Chateau GLORIA (Slightly bin-soiled labels; 1-VHS)1983$25BT
1998.10Chateau GLORIA1983$22BT
1998.10Chateau GLORIA1983$25BT
1998.10Chateau GLORIA (Slight label cond; 1-VHS)1983$23BT
1998.10Chateau GLORIA (Slight label conditions; 1-VHS)1983$23BT
1998.10Chateau GLORIA1983$24BT
1998.11Chateau GLORIA1983$28BT
1998.11Chateau GLORIA1983$29BT
1998.11Chateau GLORIA1983$17BT
1998.11Chateau GLORIA1983$28BT
1998.12Chateau GLORIA1983$23BT
1998.12Chateau GLORIA1983$28BT
1998.12Chateau GLORIA (Slight label conditions.)1983$20BT
1998.12Chateau GLORIA (VHS; slight label conditions.)1983$15BT
1998.12Chateau GLORIA1983$29BT
1998.12Chateau GLORIA1983$28BT
1999.01Chateau GLORIA1983$28BT
1999.01Chateau GLORIA (Slight label conditions.)1983$20BT
1999.01Chateau GLORIA (Very high-shoulder fills; slight label conditions.)1983$20BT
1999.01Chateau GLORIA1983$27BT
1999.01Chateau GLORIA1983$27BT
1999.01Chateau GLORIA1983$28BT
1999.02Chateau GLORIA1983$25BT
1999.02Chateau GLORIA1983$28BT
1999.02Chateau GLORIA1983$27BT
1999.02Chateau GLORIA (Two have damp-stained labels.)1983$30BT
1999.02Chateau GLORIA1983$28BT
1999.03Chateau GLORIA1983$28BT
1999.03Chateau GLORIA1983$25BT
1999.03Chateau GLORIA1983$30BT
1999.03Chateau GLORIA1983$27BT
1999.03Chateau GLORIA1983$27BT
1999.03Chateau GLORIA1983$25BT
1999.04Chateau GLORIA1983$28BT
1999.04Chateau GLORIA1983$27BT
1999.05Chateau GLORIA1983$29BT
1999.05Chateau GLORIA1983$30BT
___________________________ Vintage 1985 _____________________________
2000.06Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1985$68BT
2000.07Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1985$68BT
2000.08Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1985$68BT
2000.09Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1985$56BT
2000.10Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1985$64BT
2001.02Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1985$60BT
2002.08Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1985$37BT
2002.08Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1985$31BT
2002.10Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1985$40BT
___________________________ Vintage 1986 _____________________________
1997.03Chateau GLORIA1986$21BT
2003.04Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1986$38BT
2003.04Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1986$40BT
2003.04Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1986$37BT
2003.05Chateau GLORIA - St.-Julien1986$40BT
2003.05Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1986$37BT
2003.05Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1986$37BT
2003.05Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1986$38BT
2003.06Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1986$40BT
___________________________ Vintage 1989 _____________________________
1996.03Chateau GLORIA1989$20BT
1998.03Chateau GLORIA1989$30BT
1999.06Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1989$28BT
2000.01Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1989$52BT
2000.01Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1989$45BT
2001.05Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1989$47BT
2001.05Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1989$38BT
2001.06Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1989$40BT
2001.06Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1989$40BT
2002.08Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1989$43BT
___________________________ Vintage 1990 _____________________________
1998.08Chateau GLORIA1990$30BT
1999.06Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1990$26BT
___________________________ Vintage 1993 _____________________________
2003.08Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1993$16BT
___________________________ Vintage 1995 _____________________________
1997.09Chateau GLORIA1995$23BT
1997.10Chateau GLORIA1995$25BT
1997.11Chateau GLORIA1995$26BT
1999.05Chateau GLORIA1995$30BT
1999.05Chateau GLORIA1995$30BT
___________________________ Vintage 1996 _____________________________
2000.02Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1996$25BT
2001.05Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1996$28BT
2001.06Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1996$28BT
2001.07Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1996$30BT
2003.05Chateau GLORIA - St. Julien1996$30BT
We take every effort to present accurate information but we do not warrant the accuracy of the data presented here.