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Chateau Latour label 1994


Chateau Latour


Location: Chateau Latour is situated on the Pauillac-Saint Julien border and is immediately north of the walled vineyard of Leoville, overlooking the Gironde Estuary. (Appellation Pauillac Controlée)

Classification: Chateau Latour is a 1st Growth

Second label: Les Forts de Latour (There is also a 3rd wine sold as 'Pauillac')

Vineyards: 160 acres producing approximately 33,000 cases (20,000 cases of Grand Vin). A key vineyard area known as the enclos is just under 120 acres and produces the best grapes. The grapes from this area are used to produce the Grand Vin. Grapes from the lesser areas (and from young vines in the enclos) are used in the second wine 'Les Forts de Latour'. The vineyards of Chateau Latour have very deep gravely soil and an ideal southeastern exposure.

Grape variety: 80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Merlot, 3% Cabernet Franc, 2% Petit Verdot. Average vine age is 37 years. In order to retain the advantage of older vines, the renewal of the vines is not done in lots, but periodically throughout the vineyard. Each vine that is replaced is identified by a yellow plastic ring, making them easily identifiable so they can be harvested before the main harvest in order to avoid any confusion. This isolation of the young vines continues for 8 years.

Vinification and aging: Fermented in stainless steel vats which are automatically temperature controlled. Aged in new barrels for 20-26 months, and clarified with 6 egg whites per barrel. No filtration takes place.

History: At the end of the 14th century, the Mullet family reassembled the lands of this domaine. The tower, which overlooks the vineyards and the Gironde, was used by the English to fend off attacks by pirates. In 1695 Alexander de Segur, proprietor of Calon and Lafite, married Marie-Therese de Clausel who brought in her dowry the domaine of Latour. The descendants of their only son, the Marquis de Segur, founded the first Société Civile Agricole thus avoiding the dangers of the division of the vineyard. In 1963, two English groups purchased 76% of the shares from the shareholders and heirs of the Marquis.

Chateau Latour was purchased by Francois Pinault, the current owner, in 1993.

Style: Virile, firm and tannic wine which must be aged. One of Bordeaux's most concentrated rich and full-bodied. Latour is dark ruby in color and has a unique bouquet of fresh walnuts, leather, and black currents.

Food: Ideal with venison, duck and all red meats.

33250 St.-Lambert Pauillac, France
Phone: 33-5-56-73-19-80
Fax: 33-5-56-73-19-81
Chateau Latour Auction Price History - Click Here
The Auction File is large and will take a bit longer to load.

You can visit Chateau Latour's website by clicking here.