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Chateau Petrus Label

Appellation Pomerol Controlée

Location:Chateau Petrus is 500 meters north of the Saint-Emilion appellation. (Appellation Pomerol Controlée)

Vineyards: 30 acres producing 4,000 cases.

Classification: Petrus is a famous growth of Pomerol

Grape Variety: 95% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc. Average age of vines is 42-45 years.

History: During the 19th century, the domaine belonged to the Arnaud family. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Arnauds founded the "Societe Civile du Chateau Petrus", the shares of which Madame Loubat began to acquire in 1925. By the end of World War II, Madame Loubat was the sole proprietor of Chateau Petrus. At this time the establishment of Jean-Pierre- Moueix, a company of wine merchants from Libourne, had the monopoly for its distribution. In 1961, Chateau Petrus went to Madame Loubats nephew and niece: Madame Lacoste and Monsieur Lignac. Since then, Jean-Pierre Moueix has bought Monsieur Lignac's shares.

Under the direction of Jean-Pierre's son, Christian, and their oenologist, Jean Claude Berrouet, Petrus receives the care of a pampered child. The grapes are picked only in the afternoon, when the morning dew has evaporated, so as not to risk even the slightest dilution of quality. Vinification and aging: The composition of the topsoil and the subsoil at Petrus is almost all clay (whereas in adjacent properties the soil is a mixture of gravel-sand or clay-sand). Merlot flourishes in this soil and for this reason, Petrus' vineyard is planted with 95% Merlot. The vines are unusually old and are only replanted after they reach 70 years of age. Replanting takes place plot by plot, instead of vine by vine, in order to guarantee that the average age of vines is maintained at a high level. Fermented in cement vats, the wine is aged in 100% new oak barrels for 22-28 months. Clarified with 5 fresh egg whites per barrel. Never filtered for fear of removing some of its remarkable richness.

Christian Moueix also owns the Dominus Estate in the Napa Valley of California.

Evaluation: The quality equivalent of a First Growth.

Style: Bordeaux's most intensely concentrated, richly flavored and unique red wine. An incredible power, depth and richness yet a remarkable balance with penetrating aromas of ripe mulberry, black currant and fruit and spicy vanilla oak, setting it apart from all Bordeaux's finest wines.

Food: An excellent complement of beef, lamb, veal and game.

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